Sunday, November 5, 2017

The Panama Canal

At the turn of the century, America welcomed a new leader after the tragic assassination of President McKinley.  Known as a war hero, outdoorsman, and adventurer, Theodore Roosevelt would step into his new role as president of the U.S. in 1901.  Read the following articles to learn more about this dynamic president.

Watch this video to find out more about Roosevelt as president.

Here is a video about the history of the "teddy bear."

                                              THE PANAMA CANAL

In the early 1900s the only way to travel from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean by boat was to go all the way around South America, a long and dangerous trip.  The United States became very interested in finding a shortcut route so ships could complete the journey in less time.  The Panama Canal became the solution to this problem.

Image result for picture of panama canal built

Read the following article to learn some more information:

Click here to do online puzzles of canal equipment:

Extra Credit:
1) Color, draw a picture, or create a Lego creation of Teddy Roosevelt or Panama Canal
2) Draw a map of the Panama Canal
3) Create a Lapbook

Monday, October 30, 2017




Starting in the mid 1800's Europeans began immigrating to America.  There were political problems in Europe complicated by a potato famine in Ireland and crop failure in Germany.  These immigrants were in search of a better life in America.  Once they arrived in America, immigrants had to be approved to enter the country at a place called Ellis Island.  Watch this video to learn more.

Check out this website for more Ellis Island and Immigration fun. Click on the Interactive Tour and also take the Virtual Field Trip

Click here to play an immigration game.

The Statue of Liberty is the landmark the immigrants longed to see after their long voyage across the Atlantic Ocean.  Watch this video to learn some interesting facts.



1.  Write a few sentences or a story about what life might be like as an immigrant to the United States.

2. Draw, paint or sculpt a rendering of the Statue of Liberty.

3. Memorize and recite the famous quote "Give me your tired, your poor...."

4. Draw New York Harbor and Ellis Island.

Notebook pages

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

The Civil War

The Civil War

This is a re-enactment of a Civil War battle. The Civil War was a war between the Northern and Southern states. In the video, you will see the Union soldiers in blue and the Confederate soldiers in gray. Many men fought and died. Over 600,000 men died on both sides. The South was fighting because they felt they were being taxed unfairly and didn't have enough power to make their own decisions. The South also wanted to keep slavery legal and the North wanted to set the slaves free. Watch these OPTIONAL videos and see what a battle would have looked like. 

***** Just to note, the second video is also a re-enactment of the Civil War, but with Lego men being the characters (this may be a better option for younger children to view or those Lego fans). There are people that get shot in both videos. *****

Click on this link for a timeline of the Civil War.

Click here to learn about Daily Life during the Civil War.


1) Complete a lapbook on the Civil War. There are a lot of free ones such as this:

2) Bring in pictures and tell about a time you may of visited a battle site from the Civil War.

3) Color or Draw a picture or bring in a Lego creation related to the Civil War.

4) Create a timeline of events that occurred during the Civil War.


Monday, September 25, 2017

Abraham Lincoln



The 16th President of the United States, Abraham Lincoln was an amazing man.

Click on this video

Extra Reading-Biography on Abraham Lincoln:


Image result for the lincoln memorial

Image result for the lincoln memorial

Mount Rushmore-Keystone, South Dakota

Image result for Mount Rushmore

Extra Credit:
1) Watch a short cartoon on Abraham Lincoln  such as this one from American Hero Classics:

2) Color or draw a picture of Abraham Lincoln, Mt. Rushmore, or the Lincoln Memorial

3) Complete a LapBook on Abraham Lincoln

4) Come dressed up as Abraham Lincoln or Mary Todd Lincoln

5) Go and visit the Metamora Courthouse, traveled by Lincoln, and tell us about what you learned!

Notebooking Page:

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

The Underground Railroad/Harriet Tubman

Harriet Tubman was an amazing and brave woman.We hope that you would be that brave if you had lived during Harriet's time. Watch the videos below to learn  about the Underground Railroad,  Harriet Tubman and what a brave woman she was.

The website below is pretty cool.
At the top of the page you can click on "Begin the Journey" to escape to freedom just like the slaves. Also check out the slideshows and activities.

Extra Credit:

1) Write a paragraph or song about Harriet Tubman.
2) Draw or color a picture of run away slaves on the underground railroad
3) Write a story or act out a skit about being a underground railroad conductor.
4) Research the Big Dipper and the North Star and tell us how they used them on the UG

Here is the link for the notebooking page

Thursday, August 31, 2017

The Oregon Trail

The Oregon Trail

Image result for oregon trail

The Oregon Trail is a 2,170-mile historic east to west, large-wheeled wagon route and emigrant trail that connected the Missouri River to valleys in Oregon. The eastern part of the Oregon Trail spanned part of the future state of Kansas, and nearly all of what are now the states of Nebraska and Wyoming. The western half of the trail spanned most of the future states of Idaho and Oregon.

Image result for oregon trail

The life of a pioneer on the Oregon Trail was exciting, adventurous, and unpredictable.  

Click on the links below to learn more. Then, watch the video!

Extra Credit:
1) Come to co-op dressed up as a pioneer/bring in items that pioneers may have used or had a long the way.
2) Draw or color a picture of pioneers on the Oregon Trail
3) Complete an Oregon Trail Lapbook (
4) Draw a map of the Oregon Trail

Friday, July 28, 2017

2017-2018 Syllabus

History Syllabus
Prek-4th Grade

Kerry Rohman (team leader) -
Jennifer Longstreth-       
Valerie Tongate-            

There is no required text for this year.  We are using topics from the All American History Volume II. There is no need to purchase the book, because there are many resources available online and at your local library.

Course Overview:
We will introduce your child to some of the highlights of American History.  We want the kids to have a fun, informative, hands-on experience as they learn. 

A general overview of class time will be:
10-15 minutes of teacher presentation
20-25 minutes hands on activity
10-15 minutes of lap-book activity

If they come to class with some prior knowledge of the topic it will help enhance their learning.  Reading books, visiting the websites listed on the blog, and completing the History Detective will accomplish this.

Blog/History Detective:

1) The blog address:

On the blog you will find a brief overview of the topic for the semester as well as links to videos, games and websites with further information.

2) The History Detective is a one page worksheet for you to print off and complete with your child after viewing the blog.  One of the history teachers will email the upcoming History Detective to everyone at least one week prior to the co-op.  There will be a PreK/K History Detective along with a 1st-4th grade History Detective.  The blog will be updated at that time, and will also have a list of extra credit options.  Extra Credit is completely OPTIONAL.
3) Each week when the History Detective is sent out there will also be sent a note booking page. We would encourage the 3rd/4th grade after completing the History Detective and visiting websites listed on the blog to write a paragraph on the subject on their note booking page and bring it to co-op along with their History Detective and extra credit. We will bind up the note booking pages at the end of the year. For everyone who has completed all of the note booking pages they will receive a special reward beyond what every student receives at the end of the year. Last year all students received ice cream coupons, and the students that completed all their notebooking pages received additional coupons (such as to jumpin jax)

We will file each lap-book activity and assemble the lap-book at the end of each semester. You are welcome to staple the two lap-books together at the end of the year if you prefer.

This year we will cover American History- The Civil War to the 21st Century

1st Semester

1. The Oregon Trail     September 8
2. Underground Railroad/Harriet Tubman   September 22- Unit 1, Lesson 1
3.  Life of Abraham Lincoln    October 13- Unit 1, Lesson 2
4.  The Civil War    October 27-Unit 1, Lesson 3-7
5.  Immigration/Statue of Liberty    November 3- Unit 2, Lesson 12
6.  Panama Canal/Theodore Roosevelt    November 17-Unit 3, Lesson 13
7. LapBooks/Review Games December 4

2nd Semester

1. World War 1-Unit 3, Lesson 17
2. The Roaring 20's- Unit 3, Lesson 18-20
3. The Depression/Dust Bowl- Unit 3, Lesson 21-22
4. WWII/Anne Frank- Unit 3, Lesson 23-24
5. The Cold War/Martin Luther King Jr./Segregation- Unit 4, Lesson 25-27 
6. John F. Kennedy Unit 4, Lesson 28
7. LapBooks/Review Games

We look forward to a great year! Please let us know if you have any questions! -The Prek-4th Grade History Team